• Longevity For You, and Mother Nature.

    Here at Longevity Labs, we have a passion for health. Our mission is to empower people across the world to live longer, healthier, and feel younger. Unfortunately, with the continued devastating effects of climate change, the longevity we seek is being compromised. That’s why we are proud to announce that we are taking steps to do our part to combat climate change.

spermidineLIFE - Green initiative planting trees. Arbor Day Foundation Partnership
  • Cleaner Air

    With air quality becoming increasingly problematic, and deforestation threatening multiple ecosystems and thousands of species, we are excited to
    announce that we have partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation® to support
    their reforestation efforts!

    Starting April 1st, for every bottle of spermidineLIFE® sold, we will plant a tree!

  • spermidineLIFE - Green initiative Arbor Day Foundation Partnership
  • spermidineLIFE - Green initiative Arbor Day Foundation Partnership Badge
  • About the project:

    Together with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, the Arbor Day Foundation is striving to replant Michigan’s state lands on a large scale. These forests were heavily logged in the late 1800’s, and statewide conservation efforts have been focused on bringing public lands back to their natural state. This project will replant native stands of Jack pine and red pine, with a small percentage of white spruce and eastern white pine also incorporated. In total, nearly 6 million trees are being planted through this partnership. And as the forests mature, they will provide a wide variety of ecosystem services including carbon sequestration and water filtration. But most importantly, these trees mean forests across Michigan will see improved habitat for a wide variety of wildlife including deer, turkey, grouse, and — most notably — the Kirtland’s warbler. These birds have only recently been taken off the endangered species list, thanks to concerted tree planting efforts like this one. They nest in young jack pine forest stands and rely on them for survival. This work means Kirtland’s warblers, and other species, will continue to thrive.

    – The Arbor Day Foundation

    Want to know more about the Arbor Foundation and their initiatives?

spermidineLIFE - Green initiative reduce plastic waste
  • Packaging & Plastic Usage

    With new studies showing that plastics now make up 80% of all ocean pollution, we are happy to announce that we have said goodbye to plastic mailers!

    From now on our products will be delivered in 100% recyclable, naturally biodegradable kraft mailers made from 100% recycled consumer waste. This will eliminate over 200lbs of plastic waste from landfills annually.

  • spermidineLIFE - Green initiative planting trees

    5000 new trees planted

  • spermidineLIFE - Green initiative, cleaner air

    The removal of over 24,000 lbs of carbon, and the creation of over 64,000 lbs of oxygen in our atmosphere over the course of 25 years

  • spermidineLIFE - Green initiative reducing plastic waste

    The removal of over 200lbs of plastic annually from landfills