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Wiener Mokka - Vienna Collection - Whole Bean, 250g

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As a nod to our Austrian heritage, we are happy to offer Julius Meinl coffee exclusively for our US customers. This unique espresso blend with its typical Viennese roast is perfect for preparing "Mokka". Since "Mokka" is typically used for pure espresso, adding milk or cream can be used to create any kind of coffee speciality. Combined with spermidineLIFE, Julius Meinl coffee can boost autophagy and offer the taste of Austria at your home or on the go. 

  • Weiner Mokka - The genuine and pure coffee is bold and intense in taste and creates a luscious hazelnut colored crema. The slightly darker roast guarantees a defined taste, hearty aroma and perfect crema.
  • 250g bag (8.8oz). AROMA: Dark and hearty with hints of dry fruits and toasted bread. FLAVOR: Rich chocolate taste with a hint of hazelnut. ROAST LEVEL: 5 out of 5 (DARK). 
  • LEADING COMPANY: Julius Meinl is THE ambassador of UNESCO coffeehouse culture since 1862 (160 years) as the first roaster and constant innovation. Serves 70 countries and 40,000 customers daily. SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE: Fair Trade, Kosher Certified, 4 C Association, Rainforest Alliance.
  • Bean Type: 100% Arabica
  • Intensity: 7
  • Acidity: 6
  • Sweetness: 5
  • Crema: soft cream with nutty colour