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  • "My job is to make the stuff no one talks about happen faster" - Dave Asprey

    Biohacking pioneer and longevity guru Dave Asprey talks spermidine as an anti-aging powerhouse.

    spermidineLIFE®, the first clinically tested dietary supplement with high spermidine content, is the result of over 10 years of scientific research between Longevity Labs+ and top aging scientists in Austria and Europe. As a "fasting mimetic," spermidineLIFE® supports normal cell function by triggering the cellular renewal process of autophagy. spermidineLIFE® is the world's first dietary supplement made from wheat germ extract with a lab-verified high spermidine content. The supplement has been clinically tested and is the subject of multiple studies and trials worldwide.

    Autophagy refers to the body's own process of cell recycling. Healthy cells break down damaged cell material and cellular waste. Old and defective cellular material is often the culprit behind a variety of age-related illnesses. spermidineLIFE® supports cellular renewal, keeping cells young and healthy.

Dr. Elizabeth Yurth Talks Spermidine with Dave Asprey

Clips from the Podcast

Dr dr dr dr dr Dr dr spermidineLIFE, autophagy.

How does spermidine help your cells?

Listen to Dave Asprey and Dr. Yurth explain the interworking of spermidine and your cells from the Bulletproof Radio Podcast

Dr explores longevity and fasting through the use of spermidineLIFE.

Why should you add spermidine to your diet?

Still on the fence about spermidine? Listen to Dave Asprey and Dr. Yurth discuss why they chose to add spermidine to their diet.

Dr dr dr dr fasting.

Is spermidine a fasting mimetic?

Dave Asprey and Dr. Elizabeth Yurth discuss whether spermidine supplementation can replace fasting and how spermidine works in conjunction with fasting.

spermidineLIFE sourced from the highest quality ingredients

Sourced from the highest quality ingredients.

The fundamental ingredient in spermidineLIFE® is spermidine-rich wheat germ extract. We only extract from raw, non-GMO European ancient grain wheat.

spermidineLIFE Perfected by over 10 years of scientific research

Perfected by over 10 years of scientific research.

spermidineLIFE® is clinically tested, confirmed by external laboratories and guaranteed high spermidine content.

spermidineLIFE "Most Innovative Product"

Voted “The Most Innovative Product” by pharmacists and consumers.

- The 21st Annual Pharma Trend Image & Innovation Awards in Munich, Germany