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Living to 120 - A Special Report on How to Slow Ageing


Living to 120 - A Special Report on How to Slow Ageing

Foods that boost autophagy


Autophagy Hacks - Boost Your Autophagy

If you often look for ways to boost your health and wellness, then you have probably read about ways to trigger autophagy. Autophagy, the body’s natural cellular recycling system, is...

Foods that are high in spermidine


How Many Calories Stop Autophagy?

Fasting has boomed in popularity as a dietary trend. We know how effective fasting can be at generating weight loss. But did you know that fasting can also help induce...

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What Is The Most Effective Fasting Method For Autophagy?

  Autophagy is a process by which our cells naturally degrade and recycle damaged cellular parts to maintain homeostasis. This process rejuvenates cells by ridding them of harmful toxins accumulated...

Foods that increase autophagy


How Can You Increase Autophagy?

Our bodies have different functions to ensure we are healthy and remain healthy. One of those functions is autophagy. This process improves cellular health, overall wellbeing, and longevity. In today's...

Foods that can induce autophagy


Autophagy Without Fasting

  Autophagy is a naturally occurring process in which our cells remove the unwanted build-up of harmful toxins. Autophagy provides a range of benefits including disease prevention, reduced inflammation and...

Examples of foods that promote autophagy


Foods That Promote Autophagy

  Detoxing is an important process that keeps your body healthy. Everyday we’re exposed to environmental toxins which can negatively affect our health. These toxins cause stress within our bodies,...

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The Role of Autophagy in Achieving Weight Loss Goals

  The body’s autophagic process is quite an amazing one. Our cells work to rid themselves of toxins and other harmful build-up, recycling them for cell renewal. Fasting can help...

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Is Autophagy the Same as Fasting?

  If you’ve ever considered fasting, you most likely asked yourself a lot of questions. There are many things to think about before and after your fast. Most people consider...

Examples of things you can drink for autophagy


What Can You Drink While Fasting for Autophagy?

The older we get, the more important it is to focus on our health. An often overlooked aspect of our wellbeing is our cellular health. This is shocking, considering our...

A clock surrounded by food and exercise equipment


What Is The Length Of Time Needed For Achieving Autophagy? A Timeline For Autophagy Fasting

When you put your body through positive stress, there can be tremendous health benefits. One of the ways to make positive stress for your body is through fasting. Recent research...

Food that is high in spermidine


What is Spermidine Used For?

What Is Spermidine? The body contains unique combinations of cells and organs that work together 24/7. Spermidine itself is a unique makeup of molecules known as polyamines. These molecules help...

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