AgelessRx and Longevity Labs Pave the Way for Promising Studies in Longevity Treatments


October 11, 2022

ANN ARBOR, MICH./DENVER, COLO. – AgelessRx today announced that it has partnered with Longevity Labs on a descriptive study that has shown positive results for quality-of-life outcomes.  

AgelessRx is a telehealth startup dedicated to improving access to longevity and furthering scientific understanding of aging interventions. Since 2019, AgelessRx has positioned itself as a thought leader and trusted partner in the longevity market, aiding in the quick and efficient validation of treatment options. The company has garnered a vast network of longevity enthusiasts, who provide critical analytical data by way of at-home testing and reporting.

Longevity Labs, founded in 2020 in Denver, CO, is an international startup focused on improving the aging process by way of natural solutions, largely through their flagship dietary supplement brand, spermidineLIFE®. Their world-renowned team of medical leaders continue to advance research on aging and autophagy through novel, natural, food-derived interventions.

In early 2022, Longevity Labs initiated a descriptive study to verify academic research on the metabolic impacts of increased dietary spermidine intake in humans. Longevity Labs engaged AgelessRx to leverage their expertise of the longevity market and fill the participant pool. The collaboration allowed researchers to better understand spermidine’s ability to positively impact key longevity biomarkers.

The results from 30 days of spermidineLIFE® supplementation showed a range of improvements in 72% of studied quality-of-life metrics across all genders. Males showed, in some cases, greater than 20% improvement to blood glucose, blood insulin, LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglycerides, while females showed notable improvements to blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C, and ApoB.

“These results are a first big step,” says Daniel Dietz, CEO of Longevity Labs. “Leveraging the partnership with AgelessRx and their clinical expertise, we intended to begin bridging the gap between academic longevity research and implementable clinical practice outcomes. The fact that an initial pilot study showed clear improvements to commonly measured metabolic markers puts wind in our sails to investigate mechanisms of action and create recognizable use cases for clinical practice, while bolstering applications of our academic research.”

Among suggestions for future research, Longevity Labs has confirmed that further descriptive studies with larger subject groups and greater dosing parameters are warranted. They’ve also expressed interest in a study focused on the impact of spermidineLIFE® on inflammation markers. AgelessRx intends to continue its cooperation in these future studies as a way to demonstrate the promise of at-home testing as a trial mechanism.

For more information on spermidineLIFE® and additional research by Longevity Labs, please visit spermidine To learn more about AgelessRx and their telehealth longevity platform, visit

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