Top Gifts for Momma Self Care


November 28, 2021

This year has been absolute hell and this momma needs a bit of me-time. This mom needs some self-care. I need some time alone with the kids just shutting up and letting me take care of myself. Does this feel a bit strong? Yes, it does but seriously strong times call for strong sell care measures.

Here is my list of the top products for momma self-care that I’ve found.

1) Longevity Labs: I have no idea what spermidineLIFE is but it’s made by Longevity Labs and that happy little pill helps with hair healthy and skin health. Now this pandemic has basically killed me as a mom so I need any boost that I can get. This gives me that booth and is just a quick easy hit to my vitamin routine. I feel like, if anything, this pandemic has taught me self care and this gives me that extra help I really need.