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Man putting on a mask while heading to get a vaccination

immune health

Spermidine and Vaccinations

model of a body with the gut exposed to educate about gut health

immune health

Gut Health

  Our immune systems are a very important component of our wellbeing. If it isn’t working to its fullest ability, we will get sick more often. The gut is the...

Woman blowing her nose and looking for ways to boost immune system after a cold

immune health

Is Your Immune System Stronger After a Cold?

You wake up with a headache, irritated throat, maybe a low-grade fever and cough. A cold virus (antigen) has successfully invaded your body and made you ill. The immune system...

Woman getting a good nights sleep to boost immunity

immune health

How Does Sleep Affect the Immune System

  You probably don’t need us to tell you how important sleep can be for your overall health. But, did you know that getting a good amount of sleep can...

Woman wearing a face mask wondering how the immune system works

immune health

How Does the Immune System Work?

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has left us with a stern reminder of how important it is to have a fully functioning immune system. Your immune system is often the last...

Elderly couple reading about how the immune system changes with age

immune health

How Does the Immune System Change With Age?

  Our body changes as we age. It’s a natural part of existing just like the sun rising and setting each day. Our immune system is, well not immune, to...

Woman clearing her mind at the ocean relieving anxiety and boosting heart health

immune health

How Does Anxiety Affect the Immune System?

  As you get older, it becomes more and more important to take care of your immune system, as it’s your body’s last line of defense between you and infections,...

Older woman blowing her nose dealing with a weakened immune system

immune health

At What Age Does Your Immune System Weaken?

  As you get older, you focus on taking care of your skin to look and feel better about yourself. Unfortunately, most people are too focused on their skin to...

Young child without a fully developed immune system

immune health

What Age Is a Child's Immune System Fully Developed?

  The immune system protects us from illnesses and germs. It consists of cells, proteins, tissues and organs that work together to fight these invaders. As we get older, our...

Woman struggling with allergies and blowing her nose

immune health

Can Boosting the Immune System Help Allergies?

  When dealing with allergies, there are times when you would do anything to find a treatment option that works. Luckily, researchers believe that you can help fight off allergies...

Foods and supplements full of zinc

immune health

What Does Zinc Do?

  When we think of vitamins and minerals, we often think of the letter ones like vitamins B, C, D and others. But we really shouldn’t overlook zinc and how...

Man dumping one of The Top 5 Vitamins To Boost Immunity into his hands

immune health

What Are The Top 5 Vitamins To Boost Immunity?

  Having a strong immune system is the foundation for staying healthy. With the recent pandemic taking over the world, people are looking for ways to stay healthy. A healthy...

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