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A woman showing the signs of aging


Signs of Aging (50, 60, 70)

A model of a chemical compound like polyamines


What are the Different Polyamines?

Living a long and healthy life is a goal for most people. Many people can obtain that goal by following steps like eating healthy, exercising, and taking high-quality supplements. Whether...

A depiction of a cell and its mitochondria


Why is Mitochondrial Health Important?

Your body is an amazing organ that is made up of millions of cells. Each cell has the important job of keeping you healthy. A balanced diet and exercise routine...

A person hacking their brain


What is Biohacking?

You’ve heard of computer hackers or credit card hackers, people who steal the identity of others for financial gain. But what is biohacking? Not to worry, no one is trying...

A man getting a good night's rest


Tips for a Good Night's Rest

  How Do You Get A Good Night's Rest? In order to feel your best and excel in your daily life, a healthy sleep routine is essential. Getting a good night's...

Couple riding bikes and enjoying a healthy life from taking spermidine supplements


What Are the Benefits of Spermidine?

  As you age, you may find yourself exploring different ways to improve your health and increase your longevity. Spermidine is a naturally occurring element found within your body and...

A person who is fasting


Can Fasting Eliminate Senescent Cells?

  Our body is a complicated machine. There are thousands of bodily functions that help keep this intricate system fully functional. One of these processes is known as cellular senescence....

Scientific depiction of various chemicals such as polyamines


What Is a Polyamine?

  Polyamines are complicated compounds that help our body do away with old and damaged cells. But what else can polyamines help with? Today, we will be going over what...

An old man working out


Can You Regain Lost Muscle Mass?

The dreaded side-effects of aging. You know them; you hate them, yet, you can’t run from them. Or can you? Muscle loss is a common side-effect of aging, but does...

Woman asleep at her desk taking a break from work anxiety


How Does Sleep Affect Anxiety?

  Sleep, something most of us feel like we can never get enough of. Anxiety, a disorder that over 40 million people are affected by daily. But did you know...

Carrots, oil, and mushrooms on a cutting board which are foods that are high in polyamines


Where Are Polyamines Found?

  If you’ve ever heard the term “polyamine,” you probably have wondered what it is and what it does. Polyamines are naturally occurring compounds that are found both in humans...

An alarm clock and a sleeping mask which improve sleep hygiene


What Is Sleep Hygiene?

  Sleep hygiene is a newer term used to describe one's commitment to investing in the quality and consistency of their sleep. As infants, many of us had routines and...

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