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What Are The Different Stages Of Fasting?

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Spermidine in Health and Disease

*This is a summary of the findings from the article titled "Spermidine in Health and Disease." Further information and details on this study are located in the link below* As we age,...

Microscope in a lab being used for research of how polyamines affect aging and disease


Polyamines in Aging and Disease

*The following article is a summary of the findings from a scientific article titled "Polyamines in Aging and Disease." Further information and details on this study are located in the...

Woman holding a fork and knife and eating from a bowl of foods high in polyamines


Polyamines in Food

*The following article is a summary of the findings from a recent study titled "Polyamines in Food." Further information and details on this study are located in the links below.*...

How does fasting affect the body


What Is Happening to Your Body During a Fast?

  Fasting has become a popular dietary trend over recent years. Perhaps too popular. Americans tend to use fasting as a crutch rather than a complement to other healthy lifestyle...

Top Superfoods for Longevity


Top Superfoods For Longevity

  Do you do a good enough job controlling what goes into your body? When it comes to longevity, nothing is more important than your diet. Today, we will be...

Man getting enough sleep to positively affect his health


How Does Sleep Affect Your Health?

  Are you feeling sick and tired? There is a good reason why the two go hand in hand. Your body needs sleep to heal itself. The key to health...

Woman laying down enjoying one of the stages of sleep


What Are the Stages of Sleep?

  Sleep is one of the most vital processes your body undergoes. During sleep, your body rests and repairs all of the processes that were active during the day. Most...

Man drinking tea and doing a crossword puzzle to improve his mind


Tips For a Healthy Mind

  What Foods Support a Healthy Mind? The brain is a huge part of the body, providing the support center for many various functions: it keeps your heart beating, your...

Older woman looking at her care taker


What Are the Different Theories of Aging?

  Aging is a natural process of human development. Your body experiences many changes throughout life. Over time as you transition into geriatric life stages, your biological functions change as well—several...

Seniors walking in nature to stay healthy


Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Seniors

  One of the most important things in life is to take care of our bodies. The older we get the greater the importance of this tenet becomes. Fortunately, there...

Older man and woman reading about different types of aging


What Are the Different Types of Aging?

  We all dread the negative side-effects of aging. However, understanding how we age can help us manage the negative side-effects. In today’s article, we will go over what happens...

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