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A cup of coffee that can help induce autophagy


How to Induce Autophagy - What You Need to Know

Foods that will stop autophagy


How Many Calories Stop Autophagy?

Fasting has boomed in popularity as a dietary trend. We know how effective fasting can be at generating weight loss. But did you know that fasting can also help induce...

Wheat germ is the source of spermidine which create autophagy in the body.


Does Spermidine Increase Autophagy?

Taking out the garbage is an important task. If it doesn't get done promptly, it can start to overflow, inviting unwanted pests, smells, and bacteria. Just like we need to...

Diagram of a human body


What Happens During Autophagy?

Our body is a complicated machine, a machine that we’re learning more and more about every day. One of the many functions of this well-oiled machine is autophagy. This process...

A person who is fasting


Can Fasting Eliminate Senescent Cells?

  Our body is a complicated machine. There are thousands of bodily functions that help keep this intricate system fully functional. One of these processes is known as cellular senescence....

A microscope on a lab table


Who First Discovered Autophagy?

  The discovery of autophagy has spanned over several decades. In 1948, a Belgian biochemist named Christian de Duve discovered the lysosome and identified its functions in regard to autophagy....

Coffee which can help induce autophagy


Does Coffee Help Trigger Autophagy?

  Autophagy is the body’s built-in system to remove damaged cells to stimulate the body to produce newer, healthier cells. “Autophagy” literally translates to “self-eating”, and while the term self-eating...

Vegetables that have been arranged in the shape of a clock


What Are The Different Stages Of Fasting?

  Intermittent fasting is a very old concept that has recently grown in popularity. Breakfast comes from the term “break fast,” which is what occurs in our sleep. While we...

How does fasting affect the body


What Is Happening to Your Body During a Fast?

  Fasting has become a popular dietary trend over recent years. Perhaps too popular. Americans tend to use fasting as a crutch rather than a complement to other healthy lifestyle...

man and woman eating a meal together


Do You Have to Fast for Autophagy?

  You’ve probably heard some of the health benefits that accompany fasting. But did you know that fasting can help induce autophagy throughout the body? What is autophagy and is autophagy...

Man putting on a mask while heading to get a vaccination


Spermidine and Vaccinations

*This is a summary of the findings from various studies and articles. Further information and details on this study are located in the link below.* The successful vaccination of the...

Female model with half of the skull missing to expose the brain


Autophagy 101

  “Out with the old, in with the new”; it’s a phrase we’ve heard our whole lives, whether it’s talking about a new wardrobe, significant other, or even the promise...

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