How to Increase Your Metabolism


If you have done any research into weight-loss then chances are you already know the importance of your metabolism. Furthermore, you know just how important it is to make sure your metabolism is as strong as it can be. Fortunately for you, there are things you can do to strengthen your metabolism. In this article, we will go over what metabolism is, foods you can eat to boost your metabolism, and natural ways you can make it stronger. 

What is the Importance of Metabolism?

Your body is an incredibly complex machine with many different moving parts and processes that help it function at a higher level. One of these processes - your metabolism - helps your body burn calories. It is the biochemical process of combining nutrients with oxygen to release the energy our body needs to function. 

The importance of metabolism lies in the body’s reliance on energy to survive. The higher one’s metabolism, the more calories that the body burns throughout the day. This is why you will hear the importance of metabolism repeated over and over again by weight-loss experts. If you’re serious about losing weight, you should be focused on boosting your metabolism. 

What is the Most Effective Metabolism Booster?

Experts believe that family history and genetics play the biggest role in determining how strong someone’s metabolism is. However, your lifestyle choices will also play a large role in the strength of your metabolism. There are things you can do in your everyday life to ensure your body is burning as many calories as possible. Here are some natural metabolism boosters:

  • Eat plenty of protein - Interestingly enough, when it comes to your metabolism, the more you eat the better. Obviously, you will need to watch how much you eat during each sitting, but eating food can create a boost for a few hours. Eat plenty of protein in the meals you do eat, as protein helps you feel more full, helping you curb overeating
  • Cold water - Staying hydrated is important. The more water you drink the easier it will be for you to lose weight and keep it off. Experts believe this is because cold water can temporarily speed up your metabolism
  • High-intensity workouts - By using quick and intense bursts of activity during workouts you can increase your metabolic rate
  • Lift weights - When working out, don’t forget about those dumbbells and barbells! The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn when you are in a resting state
  • Stand up more - If you sit for too long you place yourself at risk. In fact, some experts believe sitting all day is the “new smoking.” Long periods of sitting burn fewer calories and can lead to weight gain

Understand that you will only see long-term results if you commit to making long-term changes. By doing so, you can live a longer, healthier, and happier life. 

What Foods Raise Your Metabolic Rate?

We’ve already touched on how important it is to load your meals with protein. This is because foods high in protein - i.e. meat, fish, eggs, and nuts - require your body to use more energy to digest them. But what are some of the other foods that increase metabolism? Look into adding these foods to your diet:

  • Iron, zinc, and selenium-rich foods
  • Chili peppers
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Legumes and pulses
  • Cacao
  • Coconut oil
  • Water

Just as important as the foods you put into your body are the foods you don’t put into your body. Try avoiding foods that are high in trans-fats, trans-sugars, and cholesterol. That doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself every now and then, but try to limit your intake of these foods to once or twice per week. 

What is the Best Metabolism Booster Supplement?

Our body relies on certain nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to function properly. Unfortunately, too many Americans have vitamin and nutrient-deficiencies due to poor dietary habits or outside factors like illnesses. You can ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need with a healthy regimen of supplements. Here are some expert-recommended metabolism supplements:

  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin D 
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium

Keep in mind, taking supplements may not provide an overnight change. But they will ensure that you’re getting the nutrients your body requires. You should always speak to a doctor before beginning a supplement regimen. 

Do Metabolism Boosting Drinks Actually Work?

Just like with the foods you eat, the beverages you drink can all impact your metabolism. We have already touched on the importance of water, but there are other drinks that can provide benefits. Here are some drinks that boost metabolism:

  • Green tea
  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Apple cider vinegar drinks
  • Ginger tea
  • High protein drinks
  • Vegetable juice

To maximize the effects of these drinks, you should pair them with a healthy diet and regular workout routine.

Supplements Can Help

A healthy lifestyle extends beyond your diet. Pairing your healthy lifestyle with exercise and a regular supplement regimen can help enhance the positive effects of dieting and fasting. While fasting your body enters a process known as autophagy, a cellular renewal process that cleans out damaged or dead cellular material, improving your cells’ overall function and health. Spermidine, a naturally occurring polyamine, aids in inducing autophagy. While you can reap the benefits of spermidine through a spermidine-rich diet, it can be difficult to meet the recommended daily dose of spermidine through diet alone. This is because spermidine content varies widely between foods. Spermidine supplements can help ensure you meet your daily intake of spermidine. 


  • Don Moxley - Director of Applied Science

    Don Moxley is the Director of Applied Science at Longevity Labs. Moxley draws upon his career as an athlete, a sports scientist, and an instructor to lead and educate on the science of autophagy and longevity.