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woman receiving red light therapy


What is Red Light Therapy

Jar of wheat germ spilling on the table


What is Wheat Germ?

  Wheat germ is one of the healthiest food items we can get our hands-on, yet unfortunately, most people don’t fully understand the health benefits it provides. In this article,...

Two older ladies playing cards and enjoying a healthy life from taking spermidine, an anti-aging vitamin


Spermidine - A Possible Anti-aging Vitamin

*This is a summary of the findings from various studies and articles. Further information and details on this study are located in the links below.* Spermidine is a natural polyamine...

Woman brushing her hair while looking in a mirror admiring her hair growth


How Fast Does Hair Grow?

When men and women visit hair salons, a common complaint is hair loss. There are many things that you may be advised to try, such as supplements, shampoos, and conditioners,...

Woman brushing her hair while looking in a mirror and using hair growth tips


Natural Hair Growth Tips

  Taking care of your hair is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body, especially as you age. While genetics play the biggest role in...

Bowl of broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, which are all foods good for healthy hair


Foods for Healthy Hair

  One of the first things we notice about another person is their hair. And while people spend fortunes at the salon trying to make their hair look good, there...

Woman feeling her hair


Qu'est-ce que le cycle de croissance des cheveux ?

Écoutez cet article : La perte et l'amincissement des cheveux sont l'une des étapes les plus redoutées du processus de vieillissement. Malheureusement pour nous tous, la plupart des chercheurs ne...

Woman looking at her hair in the mirror wondering how to repair damaged hair


How to Repair Damaged Hair

  Our hair can take a beating. From weather, stress, poor diet and styling tools, it can all add up over time. But if your hair doesn't look as luscious...

almonds, cashews, tomatoes, and carrots on a table which are a good source of biotin


What is Biotin

  What is biotin? Biotin is a part of the B vitamin family and plays a very important role in keeping our skin, hair, heart, and brain healthy. Unfortunately, many people...

The back of a balding man looking for hair loss treatments


Hair Loss Treatment

  We all want to get our luscious head full of hair for our entire lives. Unfortunately, the older we get the slower hair growth seems to be, the quicker...

Aloe and natural soap used as part of a natural skin care regiment


Comment obtenir une peau claire naturellement

  Nous aspirons tous à paraître plus jeunes. Pour y parvenir, nous dépensons des centaines de dollars en produits de soins de la peau, dont la plupart ne donnent pas...

Woman comparing skin care products


Do We Really Need Skincare Products?

  It’s no secret, we all want to look as good as possible to give off good first impressions and increase our self-confidence. The older we get, the more difficult...

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