• The Story of Spermidine

    Spermidine is a fascinating polyamine known within the longevity field for its age-protective qualities. Scientists have long been fascinated with spermidine's potential to extend healthspan and boost longevity. Today, spermidineLIFE™ is part of over 40,000 individual's daily regimens, cumulatively adding an estimated 228,000 years to their lives. Learn who first discovered spermidine, and how it's gained world recognition for its many health benefits.

1678 - Discovery

In 1678, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek identifies crystalline structures while studying seminal fluid, leading to spermidine’s name, derived from "sperm." Leeuwenhoek is renowned for his early work with microscopes and has been coined the father of microbiology.

1990 - Pioneering Era

By the 1990s, spermidine is recognized as a polyamine, a derivative of an amino acid, vital for life, playing roles in stabilizing DNA, facilitating RNA synthesis, protein translation, and fostering cell growth and development.

2000 - Evolving Science

Research in the early 2000’s showcases the myriad health benefits of spermidine-rich foods, emphasizing its capacity to induce autophagy, its healthy aging properties, and its impacts on cellular protection in cardio, neural, immune, liver, and other critical organ system functions.

2010 - World Recognition

In 2010, the co-founder of Longevity Labs, Frank Madeo, describes the role of spermidine in reducing cellular senescence through autophagy. The role of autophagy in cellular health and function gains worldwide recognition in 2016 when Yoshinori Ohsumi is awarded a Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking discoveries on the genetic mechanisms of autophagy.

2018 - spermidineLIFE™

In 2018, a pivotal study reveals that high dietary intake of spermidine reduces all-cause mortality by an impressive 5.7 years through autophagy, mirroring the effects of fasting. This discovery leads to the foundation of Longevity Labs, creators of the first spermidine-rich dietary supplement, spermidineLIFE™, allowing for approved human studies of the effects of spermidine supplementation.

Present - Global Presence

Today, spermidine is regarded as one of the most promising natural healthy aging molecules. Studies further describing the age-protective effects of spermidine supplementation continue to be published from research institutions across the world, expanding the areas of clinical application.

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    Studies have revealed that spermidine plays a pivotal role in several fundamental cellular processes. It has gained significant attention for its health benefits, which include:

    • Cellular Health
    • Cardiovascular Health
    • Cognitive Function
    • Immune Support
    • Hair Health
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