spermidineLIFE Pro - World's first professional grade spermidine supplement 6mg

spermidineLIFE Pro+®

While spermidine remains difficult to naturally extract at high concentration, upon consumer demand, Longevity Labs™ has made significant strides in high-concentration extraction, allowing the production of our new professional strength product spermidineLIFE PRO+®.

spermidineLIFE Pro Sachet packets - World's first professional grade spermidine supplement

Everything you need, in one place.

Delivered in a sleek, soft-touch package with a branded accompanying bottle, spermidineLIFE PRO+® includes 30 sachet-packs, supplying customers with a full month’s supply of a 6mg daily dose spermidineLIFE® dietary supplement.

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Find a healthcare provider below to purchase spermidineLIFE Pro+® and experience the benefits of a 30-day high-dose spermidine protocol to combat inflammation and promote consistent autophagy.