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Mental Benefits of Fasting

brain health

Mental Benefits of Fasting

Doctor holding the model of a brain showing the different parts of the brain

brain health

What Are the Different Parts of the Brain?

  Understanding the different parts of your brain can help you better understand how the brain works. By better understanding how the brain works, you develop a better understanding of...

Doctor holding a model brain and top vitamins for brain health

brain health

Top Vitamins for Brain Health

  The brain is the third largest organ in our body; followed by the liver and skin. It serves as the central hub for all communication throughout the body. As...

Doctor showing a patient a computer screen and explaining multiple sclerosis

brain health

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis is a difficult and frustrating disease. Frustrating because researchers and experts are still unsure as to what causes the disease and how it can best be treated. In...

Doctor pointing at brain scans and explaining to a patient how Alzheimer's affects the body's systems

brain health

How Does Alzheimer's Affect the Body's Systems?

How Does Alzheimer’s Affect The Body’s Systems? Alzheimer’s disease is more commonly known to affect cognitive function, but it can also have an impact on other bodily systems as well....

Bowls of foods that are good for memory

brain health

Worst Foods for Memory

  The older we get the more and more difficult it becomes remembering things like names and numbers. Believe it or not, this doesn’t have to be the case. It...

Woman holding supplements next to a model of a brain representing the importance of brain health

brain health

Why is Brain Health Important?

  The older you get, the more and more important it becomes to take proper care of your brain. Think of your brain like a car. Without proper care, it...

Model of a brain depicting long term brain injuries

brain health

Brain Injury Symptoms Long Term

  Head injuries can have a devastating impact on our brain health both in the short-term and the long-term. Some of the symptoms caused by these injuries will reside over...

Model of a brain cut in half to show brain cell health

brain health

Brain Cell Health

  Our brain operates differently than any other part of our body so it’s difficult trying to understand how the brain deals with injuries. In recent years, whether or not...

Person playing scrabble which is one of the best brain games to keep your mind sharp

brain health

Best Brain Games

  The older we get the more and more important it becomes to take care of our brains. One of the best ways to do this is by keeping your...

Child looking at a model of atoms and learning how the brain processes information

brain health

How Does the Brain Process Information?

  Have you ever just sat down and wondered how the brain works? We come across so much information and opportunities for learning on a daily basis, and our brains...

Rock shaped like a brain in a garden symbolizing neurodegeneration

brain health

Causes of Neurodegeneration

Neurodegeneration happens due to the progressive degeneration and/or the death of nerve cells. It can be a terrifying experience watching someone you love deal with a neurodegenerative disease or worry...

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