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woman receiving red light therapy

brain health

What is Red Light Therapy

Elderly man battling dementia being led outside by caretaker

brain health

How to Prevent Dementia Naturally

  The older we get the more aware we should be of dementia and the things we can be doing to prevent it. It’s no longer an accepted notion that...

A coconut and coconut oil which is good for brain health

brain health

Is Coconut Oil Good for Brain Health?

  You may often hear coconut oil referred to das a healthy alternative to vegetable oils when it comes to cooking. But coconut oil can provide a wide range of...

Brain model cut in half to show dementia and cognitive decline

brain health

Studies Demonstrate Positive Effects of Spermidine on Early Stage Dementia and Cognitive Decline

*This is a summary of the findings from various studies and articles. Further information and details on this study are located in the links below.* The Effects of Spermidine on...

Woman looking off into the distance thinking about spermidine and brain health

brain health

Spermidine Protects Our Brains

  Recent studies have shown that spermidine can play a large role in helping our brains recover from injury. Researchers also believe that spermidine can protect our brains from injuries...

Man working with son to help brain development

brain health

Brain Development

  The human brain is a very complicated and delicate machine that researchers and scientific-minded individuals have spent the better part of human history trying to figure out. Even with...

Elderly woman with a younger man experiencing how aging affects learning ability

brain health

How Aging Affects Learning Ability

  The older we get it feels as though it becomes more and more difficult to learn and process new things. There seems to be a relationship between aging and learning....

Dad sitting with his child and reading a book

brain health

What is Piaget Brain Development

  Jean Piaget, a Swiss developmental psychologist, developed his Piaget theory in the 1930s. His theory helps us better understand the cognitive development of children. The theory is so important...

Woman with her hand to her head experiencing brain fog

brain health

Brain Fog

  Brain fog is a term that is used to describe a lack of focus and the inability to think clearly. Many people suffer from brain fog and feel like...

Woman contemplating the stages of dementia

brain health

What are the Stages of Dementia?

  Believe it or not, there once was a time where researchers almost unanimously agreed that dementia, and the side-effects of dementia, were just part of the aging process. Now,...

Elderly man looking off in the distance thinking of ways to prevent memory loss in old age

brain health

Ways to Prevent Memory Loss in Old Age

  One of the most dreaded side effects of aging is memory loss and forgetfulness. However, most researchers now believe that memory loss isn’t a regular side effect of aging...

Gear icons in the shape of a brain representing common misconceptions about the brain

brain health

Common Misconceptions About the Brain

  Your brain is arguably the most important organ of your entire body. A healthy brain helps make sure that everything is functioning the way it should. That’s why it’s...

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