spermidineLIFE® Product Questions

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How high is the wheat lectin content WGA (wheat germ agglutinin) in spermidineLIFE®?

Our product spermidineLIFE® is made from wheat germ, the lectin is not removed during the manufacturing process. We are aware that WGA is currently being discussed in the general media - especially with regard to the health effects on the human body.

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How can the effect of spermidineLIFE® be measured?

Our team is currently working on finding a quick and cost-efficient way to accurately measure the effect sperminideLIFE® has on the body. While we have a good understanding, legal restrictions regarding the exact statements of natural food supplements can be very strict. We highly recommend consulting your doctor if you have any questions regarding the effect sperminideLIFE has on your body.

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Why should I take the product spermidineLIFE® when I could also eat corresponding amounts of wheat germs instead?

While the amount of Spermidine in our product is comparable to the amount found in other foods, our supplement is a measured and regulated product. Taking our product ensures you will be reaching your desired Spermidine goal daily without having to rely on often inaccurate measurements. Our product is designed with long-term, easy consumption in mind. This means you can take two capsules a day instead of weighing an exact amount of broccoli for example.

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How much spermidine does spermidineLIFE® contain compared to other products on the market?

Our product spermidineLIFE® was developed over many years by researchers at the Karl-Franzens-University in close cooperation with experts from our company. Our product has also been third-party tested to ensure safety. We can confidently say that our product is safe for consumption and yields measurable benefits. We would ask that you do your own research into any other competing companies to ensure the veracity of their claims.

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Can spermidineLife trigger food allergies?

As always, we recommend that you consult with your doctor prior to taking any new supplement. spermidineLIFE capsules contain wheat germ extract, zinc, thiamine, hypromellose, calcium carbonate, acetylated starch, magnesium stearate, and glycerol. spermidineLIFE contains wheat.

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How does SpermidineLife differ from other similar supplements on the market?

SpermidineLIFE® capsules differ from similar products on the market because we focus on spermidine enrichment. The special process for spermidine enrichment was developed over many years by researches at the Karl-Franzens-University in Graz. This extraction process is what makes our spermidine enrichment possible. In other products, spermidine is usually lost in the normal extraction process.

Other products also make statements involving extraction ratios such as 20:1, 10:1, 5:1, etc. of an extract. This can be extremely misleading and we strongly recommend checking the plausibility of such claims. Spermidine is not stable during the extraction process, so such exact ratios are very uncommon. We measure each batch internally and externally for the spermidine content. This means we provide accurate spermidine content measurements.

Finally, we take great pride in the fact that spermidineLIFE® capsules are made from 100% natural products. We do not use any cheap extracts or ingredients. We produce the extract in our own production facility so we control what goes into our product and what doesn’t.

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Why are spermidineLIFE® capsules pricier than similar products?

SpermidineLIFE® capsules are made from a special wheat germ extract and not wheat germ oil. Many cheaper products use wheat germ oil which contains far less spermidine. Our special extraction process was developed over many years by researchers at the Karl-Franzens-University in close cooperation with our experts.

This extraction process allows us to focus on spermidine enrichment. Spermidine is often lost in normal extraction processes and therefore similar products only contain a minimal concentration of spermidine. All of our batches are expertly analyzed to guarantee the stated spermidine concentration.

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Why is the text on the packaging so small?

Unfortunately, we have to adhere to strict legal requirements regarding the packaging text. This includes text arrangement, minimum size, line spacing, etc. All packaging material can be found on our website in larger text for better accessibility.

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Are there already studies on your product spermidineLIFE®?

As the sole manufacturer of a dietary supplement, we are unfortunately not allowed to go into more detail in regards to any study and their health-related results. If you have any questions regarding our product, we ask that we consult with your doctor.

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Where are the spermidineLIFE® capsules produced?

SpermidineLIFE® capsules are both produced and bottled in Austria. We do not use any synthetic ingredients from overseas at any point during the production process.

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Your product is too expensive, will there be any reductions in the price?

SpermidineLIFE® only uses natural ingredients. The spermidine in our product is extracted 100% from wheat germ. The raw material we use is wheat germ, which we obtain exclusively from Central Europe. We do not use any cheap extracts or ingredients.

Finally, we take great pride in the fact that spermidineLIFE® capsules are made from 100% natural products. We do not use any cheap extracts or ingredients. This unfortunately means we are at a price disadvantage when compared to most of our competitors.

Since we have a great deal of pride in the high-quality of both the ingredients we use and the processing process, it’s unlikely that there’s a price reduction any time soon. We are big-time believers in ‘you get what you pay for’.

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