FREE 7-day Longevity Challenge

Take the first steps towards extending your life with the FREE 7-Day Longevity Challenge. During this challenge you will explore the importance of community, diet, exercise, and lifestyle and learn how they affect your ability to live longer.

FREE 7-day Longevity Challenge

Wanting to challenge yourself and extend your life in the process? The FREE 7-Day Longevity Challenge might be a perfect fit. During this challenge you will explore the importance of community, diet, exercise, and lifestyle and how they affect your ability to live longer.

"My wife and I took the challenge for something to during COVID being stuck in the house. The daily tasks are easy and get you thinking. Interesting to learn what all goes into longevity."

Neil P.

"Hey, it's free and I enjoyed it. I like that the challenge takes a wholistic approach rather than telling me to run 10 miles or do something crazy. Overall I would give it an B+, def worth your time."

Ryan S.

"I thought the challenge was fun and not too hard. It made me think more about my daily routines. Can't say it's made me live longer yet, we'll have to wait and see haha."

Sarah H.

What is a Longevity Challenge?

This 7-day challenge showcases techniques and practices from around the world known to extend your lifespan. This is not a diet or exercise program, but rather a challenge to help you learn about the different aspects of your life that contribute to longevity. The challenge is simple, we’ll send you an email every day with a task that generally takes a half-hour or less to complete. Of course, you can extend the tasks to get the maximum benefit from the challenge, but we’ll leave this up to you.

How does the challenge work?

It’s simple, we send you a daily email with a task to focus on for that day. Tasks can range from creating a sleep tracker, trying a new food, or an activity. Each task is designed to expand your knowledge on longevity, health, and aging. Please be aware that this is not a diet or exercise challenge, instead this challenge focuses on holistic-building blocks known to lengthen your lifespan. Regardless of age or health, the 7-Day Longevity Challenge starting point to extend and get the most out of your days!

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Longevity Challenge FAQ's

Do I have pay for the challenge?

No, the 7-Day Longevity Challenge is completely FREE.

I have health problems, can I take this challenge?

Yes! This challenge is designed tp be "at your own pace." The challenge is an educational tool designed expand your knowledge of longevity. Please feel free to structure each daily task to your individual needs, treat the tasks as suggestions not requirements.  

Is this a diet program?

No, the 7-Day Longevity Challenge is not a diet. Although some daily tasks will consider elements of your diet, the challenge is focused on a holistic approach to longevity.

What do I need to participate?

You will need a desire to learn about longevity, an email address, a pencil or pen, piece of paper, a clock, and access to a grocery store (expect to spend $5 or less on longevity-centric foods). Again, this is not diet-based challenge.