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Ingredient Questions (23)

Are spermidineLIFE® capsules natural / organic? View Now 

Where does spermidineLIFE® source their main ingredients from? View Now 

What are the ingredients of spermidineLIFE® capsules? View Now

Does spermidineLIFE® contain gluten? View Now 

What does the spermidine content of spermidineLIFE® equate to in micromol? View Now

How much wheat is needed to produce one spermidineLIFE® capsule? View Now

How much spermidine is contained in 2 capsules spermidineLIFE® (daily dose)? View Now 

Do spermidineLIFE® capsules contain Kcal? View Now

Would wheat germ oil or wheat germ oil capsules also be sufficient to increase/balance the spermidine balance? Are other substances added to spermidineLIFE® capsules? View Now

Do spermidineLIFE® capsules contain allergens? View Now

Wheat can contain problematic substances such as ATI and Fodmaps. Do spermidineLIFE® capsules also contain these potentially harmful substances? View Now

Is the product free from lectins? View Now 

Are there any other ingredients in the capsules? View Now

What is the capsule shell made out of? View Now

Can I take spermidineLIFE® capsules if I am lactose intolerant? View Now

Does the capsule coating contain any materials from animals? View Now

What is the capsule made of and is it FDA approved? View Now

Why did you add ingredients to the shell coating? View Now

Is spermidineLIFE® produced within Europe or does it contain cheap ingredients from global markets like some other food supplements? View Now

What is in a spermidineLIFE® capsule? View Now

I am allergic to wheat, can I take spermidineLIFE®? View Now

Are spermidineLife capsules vegetarian? View Now

Where does spermidineLIFE®’s spermidine come from? View Now

Health Related Questions (28)

How can autophagy or the increase of autophagy e.g. in humans be measured? View Now

Is intermittent fasting advisable for people over the age of 65 - without any particular previous illnesses? View Now

How high is the gluten content in spermidineLIFE® capsules? Is it only an issue for celiac patients? View Now

What is autophagy? How does it relate to spermidineLIFE®? View Now

If one takes spermidineLIFE® capsules, is the self-production of spermidine stopped? View Now

Can spermidineLIFE® be taken when taking antihypertensive drugs? View Now

If I have osteoporosis and should avoid phytic acid, can I still take spermidineLIFE® capsules since wheat germs have high phytic acid levels? View Now

spermidineLIFE® and diabetes: Last week, I was able to significantly reduce my insulin dose (diabetes type II, humalog insulin) without changing my lifestyle. Are there results from studies for this effect? View Now

Could spermidine help remove genetically determined elevated lipoprotein (a) levels? View Now

Can spermidineLIFE® be used for diseases of the peripheral nervous system or resulting muscle weakness? View Now

Can spermidine improve sports performance? View Now

Is there any data that points to a connection between spermidineLIFE® intake and agranulocytosis? View Now

Can spermidineLIFE® help with Lewy-Body dementia? View Now

Can spermidine help accelerate prostate neoplasm growth? View Now

Can spermidine help those who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer? View Now

Can taking spermidine capsules help decrease my risk of disease? View Now

I am a diabetic, should I take spermidineLIFE®? View Now 

Can spermidineLIFE® capsules cause arthritic thrust and pain in the thumb joints? View Now

Customer reviews say that spermidineLIFE® capsules can help with hair growth. Is this true? View Now

Are there any studies that point to the effect of spermidine on brain performance and dementia prevention? View Now

Studies have pointed to Parkinson’s patients having significantly increased levels of spermidine. Therefore, why would a further supply of spermidine in the form of a supplement bring about any improvement? View Now

Since autophagy gets rid of diseased cells, shouldn’t spermidine be the ideal means of preventing the coronavirus? View Now

Since spermidine fuels cell renewal does this mean that it doesn’t apply to cancer cells since cancer cells die and don’t grow any further? View Now

Are there studies that show spermidine does not trigger a carcinogenic effect? View Now

Can the spermidine level in the blood be measured? View Now

Are there any studies that point to an improvement in sperm or egg quality after an increase of spermidine levels? View Now

Is it safe to take spermidineLIFE® capsules if you are pregnant? View Now

Will taking spermidineLIFE® capsules have any negative effect on my ability to become pregnant? View Now

Consumption and Usage Questions (18)

When is the optimal time for taking spermidineLIFE®? View Now

How long must/should spermidineLIFE® be taken? View Now

At what age may one take spermidineLIFE®? Is spermidineLIFE® intended for a certain age group? Is there a certain age limit for taking spermidineLIFE®? View Now

Can spermidineLIFE® also be used without the capsule shell (in case of swallowing problems)? View Now

How many milligrams of spermidine is contained in one spermidineLIFE® capsule? View Now

Is the dosage dependent on body weight? View Now

Should I take the recommended dosage of two spermidineLIFE® capsules at one time or should I spread them out over the course of the day, taking one in the morning and one at night? View Now

Can spermidineLIFE® capsules be taken in addition to a cholesterol-lowering agent (Armo Lipid Plus) without hesitation? View Now

What is the maximum dosage of spermidineLIFE® capsules you should take in a day? View Now

Should I take the recommended dosage of two spermidineLIFE® capsules at one time or should I spread them out over the course of the day, taking one in the morning and one at night? View Now

If I take other dietary supplements, is it possible for me to measure the specific impact spermidineLIFE® capsules have on my body over the other supplements that I’m taking? View Now

Will I experience any negative side effects if I choose to stop taking the product? View Now

Is it safe to take spermidineLIFE® capsules after the expiration date? View Now

What is the effectiveness spermidineLIFE® if the daily dose were halved (only take one pill)? View Now

Will I experience any side effects if I take more than the recommended 2 capsules of SpermidineLIFE® per day? View Now

Can you place SpermidineLIFE® capsules into a pillbox? View Now

What is the shelf-life/expiration date for spermidineLIFE®? View Now

Is it possible to take the spermidineLIFE® capsules during the fasting period (interval fasting) or does it interrupt it? View Now

Product Questions (18)

How high is the wheat lectin content WGA (wheat germ agglutinin) in spermidineLIFE®? View Now

How can the effect of spermidineLIFE® be measured? View Now

Can you provide exact information on the bioavailability of your product? View Now

Why should I take the product spermidineLIFE® when I could also eat corresponding amounts of wheat germs instead? View Now

How much spermidine does spermidineLIFE® contain compared to other products on the market? View Now

Have the doses of spermidine in spermidineLIFE® capsules recently been lowered? Would a lower dose have the same effect as the dosage that has already been researched? View Now

Can spermidineLife trigger food allergies? View Now

How does SpermidineLife differ from other similar supplements on the market? View Now

Why are spermidineLIFE® pricier than similar products? View Now

Why is the text on the packaging so small? View Now

Are there already studies on your product spermidineLIFE®? View Now

Are there any studies on the effects of spermidine in prostate neoplasm? Can it possibly accelerate growth? View Now

While spermidine provides numerous benefits at the neuronal level, polyamines can attribute to the growth and spread of tumor cells. Is this a legitimate risk? View Now

Have there been any recent changes to the product (spermidineLIFE®)? View Now

Why did it take so long for spermidineLIFE® to hit the market? View Now

Where are the spermidineLIFE® capsules produced? View Now

Where can you buy spermidineLIFE®? View Now

Your product is too expensive, will there be any reductions in the price? View Now