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How to keep your brain healthy - man hiking outdoors

brain health

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

A man with good brain health

brain health

What Lifestyle Choices Negatively Affect Brain Health?

  Our lifestyle choices - including diet, exercise, and routine - all impact our brain health. Keeping the brain healthy ensures that we retain our memories and mental sharpness. Being...

A woman exercising to improve her brain health

brain health

Pillars of Brain Health

  It’s no surprise to hear that the most complex organ in the human body is the brain. Weighing in at a little over three pounds, it's the third-largest organ...

Therapist consulting with a client

brain health

Mental Health vs Mental Illness

  Staying on top of your mental well-being is incredibly important. Part of that process is understanding what affects your mental health and the steps you can take to improve...

An old couple painting a picture

brain health

Spermidine and Brain Health in Older Adults

*This is a summary of the findings from the article titled "Spermidine intake is associated with cortical thickness and hippocampal volume in older adults." Further information and details on this study are...

Alcohol which is bad for your brain health

brain health

Bad Habits for Brain Health

  People often get into destructive habits and don't even know it. Many bad habits can wreak havoc on your brain's health over time. Most people know how to nourish...

Teas that are good for brain health

brain health

Which Tea Is Best for Brain Health?

  We’re always looking for ways to improve our overall wellbeing and longevity. Turns out, one of those ways is probably sitting on a shelf in your pantry. Tea is...

Woman holding nootropics laying on a table with fruits and vegetables with a graphic of a brain

brain health

What Is a Nootropic?

  Do you know what a nootropic is? Chances are you take one every morning while you’re getting ready for work in the form of coffee. These are cognition enhancers...

Woman holding nootropics supplements and a model of a brain

brain health

What Are the Health Benefits of Nootropics?

  If you've been wondering how you can improve your brain health as you age, you may be familiar with certain herbal supplements that you can take to help keep...

Man drinking tea and doing a crossword puzzle to improve his mind

brain health

Tips For a Healthy Mind

  What Foods Support a Healthy Mind? The brain is a huge part of the body, providing the support center for many various functions: it keeps your heart beating, your...

Healthy older man sitting on a coach with his healthy wife

brain health

Best Memory Supplements for Seniors

  We’ve all done it: forgot what day of the week our doctor appointment was or the name of the new colleague you met yesterday. Most people attribute this forgetfulness...

Plate of fruit that are good for the brain - strawberries, citrus, kiwi, and bananas

brain health

Which Fruit is Good for the Brain?

  In today’s world of misinformation it is easy to become misguided as to which foods are the most beneficial. Figuring out which foods promote longevity and optimal body function...

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