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How Does Age Impact Your Immune System?

  No two individuals have the same immune system. It’s important to keep that mind when discussing the effect aging has on our immunity. With that established, there are experiences the majority of adults share as they age that affect the product...

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Spermidine, Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The study closely monitored their patients along with any external factors that could support or take away from the effects of spermidine. The results were outstanding.  Patients treated with spermidine saw improvements in brain swelling, there we...

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What We Can Learn from the Naked-Mole Rat’s Longevity

Naked mole rats are fascinating.

The naked mole-rat lives 30-40 years and is fertile up until they die  The life span of a lab mouse is three years (Strength and fertility diminish with age), A naked mole-rat living 30-40 years is equivalent to a human living about 800 years! 

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