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Examples of foods that are bad for your health


Foods That Are Bad for Your Health

How to keep your brain healthy - man hiking outdoors


How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

  Did you know that keeping a healthy brain is just as important as a healthy body? A healthy brain stimulates energy, focus, and longevity. The brain regulates several functions...

A clock surrounded by vegetables


How Does Fasting Affect Gut Health?

  You may have heard about intermittent fasting in recent years. In fact, if you keep up with dietary trends it’s probably all you have heard about. There’s a reason...

Examples of foods that have lots of antioxidants


What Is an Antioxidant?

  Our bodies are truthfully a marvel. There are trillions of cell and bodily functions that work hand-in-hand to keep us healthy. There are also countless numbers of harmful cells...

Micronutrient supplements replacing an orange


What Are Micronutrients?

  Our bodies are incredibly complex. In order to take proper care of our bodies, we need to know the best vitamins, nutrients, compounds, and minerals to put in our...

A woman exercising to keep her cells healthy


How to Keep Your Cells Healthy

  Taking care of your cellular health can be difficult. Knowing what you can do to improve your cellular health can help tremendously. Today, we will be discussing what cellular...

A clock and some utensils


What Is The Most Effective Fasting Method For Autophagy?

  Autophagy is a process by which our cells naturally degrade and recycle damaged cellular parts to maintain homeostasis. This process rejuvenates cells by ridding them of harmful toxins accumulated...

Foods that increase autophagy


How Can You Increase Autophagy?

Our bodies have different functions to ensure we are healthy and remain healthy. One of those functions is autophagy. This process improves cellular health, overall wellbeing, and longevity. In today's...

Examples of foods that are high in antioxidants


Foods High in Antioxidants

  Antioxidants are very important to your overall health and well being. Consuming a generous amount in your diet is a great way to help boost your intake. There are...

A bowl of wheat germ


Is Wheat Germ Inflammatory?

  Consuming whole grains is an essential part of a well-balanced diet. Nutrients within these grains have antioxidants that help ward off illness and inflammation. Wheat germ can help boost...

Foods that can induce autophagy


Autophagy Without Fasting

  Autophagy is a naturally occurring process in which our cells remove the unwanted build-up of harmful toxins. Autophagy provides a range of benefits including disease prevention, reduced inflammation and...

Food being cooked


Does Cooking Destroy Spermidine?

  Cooking nutritional food is one of the most important things you can do for your health and wellness. Many foods are high in essential vitamins and nutrients that promote...