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Foods that are high in vitamin d


Vitamin D Role in Immunity and Inflammation

Woman exercising to improve her immune health


Pillars of Immune Health

  Your Immune system health is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. Your immune system sets you up to protect you for the rest of your life. Caring for...

Vegetables and other foods high in spermidine


Foods High in Spermidine

  Spermidine is a naturally occurring polyamine found in ribosomes and living tissues. It can also be found in many fruits, vegetables, meat, and cheese. Most of the spermidine found...

A model of the chemical senolytic


What Is a Senolytic?

  What does senolytic mean? Senolytics improve the physical function of your cells and increase your lifespan. Senescent cells accumulate in tissues as we get older and at places in the...

A man with good brain health


What Lifestyle Choices Negatively Affect Brain Health?

  Our lifestyle choices - including diet, exercise, and routine - all impact our brain health. Keeping the brain healthy ensures that we retain our memories and mental sharpness. Being...

A depiction of cells


What Is Cellular Apoptosis?

  Our body contains trillions of cells that carry out several different functions to keep us alive and healthy. When an aging cell becomes worn out and damaged, a process...

A woman showing the signs of aging


Signs of Aging (50, 60, 70)

  Aging is a normal process of life, but many fear the signs of “old age”. As you age there may be signs you notice that indicate your body is changing....

Examples of foods that promote autophagy


Foods That Promote Autophagy

  Detoxing is an important process that keeps your body healthy. Everyday we’re exposed to environmental toxins which can negatively affect our health. These toxins cause stress within our bodies,...

A scale and tape measure


The Role of Autophagy in Achieving Weight Loss Goals

  The body’s autophagic process is quite an amazing one. Our cells work to rid themselves of toxins and other harmful build-up, recycling them for cell renewal. Fasting can help...

An empty bowl


Is Autophagy the Same as Fasting?

  If you’ve ever considered fasting, you most likely asked yourself a lot of questions. There are many things to think about before and after your fast. Most people consider...

An empty plate and a clock


How to Fast for a Day

  Many people fast for various reasons. Some fast for weight loss and health benefits, while others may fast for a day for medical or religious reasons. Regardless of why...

A model of a chemical compound like polyamines


What are the Different Polyamines?

Living a long and healthy life is a goal for most people. Many people can obtain that goal by following steps like eating healthy, exercising, and taking high-quality supplements. Whether...